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Topic 1: Characteristics of offshore structures
Session 1.1: Types of offshore structures and Project management for
offshore structurep rojects(main keys) 1:30hr (120 USD)

Topic 2: Design of Fixed Offshore Structures
Session 2.1 Loads affect the fixed offshore structure 1:30hr (120USD)

Session 2.2 Design for different members as the boat landing, riser gurad, tubular joint and tubular member, and helidecks 1:30hr (120 USD)

Session 2.3 Geotechnical design for offshore structure with identifing the required soil investigation and pile design 1hr (120 USD)

Topic 3: Construction Fixed offshore platform
Session 3.1: Construction steps and quality control on site. This seminar will present the sequences of construction and QA &QC tactics for these type of projects. 1:30hr

Session 3.2: Load out and launching. This seminar presents the design for the jacket and topside during installation stage with practical case study 1:30hr (120USD)

Topic 4:Integrity system for offshore structures
Session 4.1: Integrity management system for fleet of platforms 1:30hr (120USD)

Topic 5 : Lifting Process

Session 5.1 : Lifting Analysis 1:30h (120 USD)

Topic 6: SACS software overview (150 USD/session)
Session 6.1: Introduction , in place analysis, Pile soil interaction with example 1:30h

Session 6.2:dynamic characteristics module, jointcan, loadout and another modules with example 1:30h

session 6.3 : Example for fatigue analysis, seismic analysis 1:30h

Topic 7 : Case Study (150 USD/session)

Session 7.1 :Over view of the projects with the project detailed drawings and run inplace analysist 1:30h

Session 7.2 : Run inplace analysis with PSI module and dynamic analysis 1:30h

Session 7.3 : Spectral Fatigue analysis 1:30h

Session 7.4 :Collapse analysis and seismic analysis 1:30h

Session 7.5: Lifting analysis, load out and sea fastening 1:30 Hrs

Session 7.6: Transportation (tow) and bottom stability 1:30 Hrs

Design and Construction Steel and Concrete Structures in Petroleum Industrial Projects

Topic 1: Facilities design (120 USD/session)
Session 1.1: Pipe rack design with solved example 1:30hr

Session 1.2:Concrete and steel tank design according to API650 with its foundation design. This webinar presents also the construction methods and precaution and also illustrated the most traditional tyes of storgae tanks. 1:30hr

Session 1.3: Design of foundation under horizontal vessel (Separator, heat exchanger etc.) 1:30hr
Session 1.4: Vertical vessel Foundation design with anchor bolts design guide. 1:30hr
Topic 2: Foundation Under Vibrating Machines
Session 2.1:Types of Machine and dynamic analysis principal 2:00hr (150 USD)

Session 2.2: Construction for the foundation and select the isolation type. 1:30hr (120 USD)

Topic 3: Building Design for Blast Resistance (450 USD)
Session 3.1: Principal of blast load resistance and dynamic analysis for the building. 1:30hr

Session 3.2: Example for blast resistance for concrete structure building 1:30hr

Session 3.3: Example for blast resistance for steel structure building 1:30 hr

Topic 4: Repair and maintenance for structures in oil and gas plants.
Session 4.1: Inspection, assessment and repair concrete structures in industrial 1:30 (100 USD)

Session 4.2: Integrity management system for oil & gas and refinery plant 1:30hr (100 USD)

Structural Engineering for Non-Structural Engineer

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