Offshore Webinar

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Speakers: Dr.MohamedELReedy


Fixed Offshore Structure Design, Construction & Maintenance

Topic 1: Characteristics of offshore structures
Session 1.1: Types of offshore structures and Project management for
offshore structure projects(main keys) 1:30hr

Topic 2: Design of Fixed Offshore Structures
Session 2.1 Loads affect the fixed offshore structure 1:30hr

Session 2.2 Design for different members as the boat landing, riser gurad, tubular joint and tubular member, and helidecks 1:30hr

Session 2.3 Geotechnical design for offshore structure with identifing the required soil investigation and pile design 1hr

Topic 3: Construction Fixed offshore platform
Session 3.1: Construction steps and quality control on site. This seminar will present the sequences of construction and QA &QC tactics for these type of projects. 1:30hr

Session 3.2: Load out and launching. This seminar presents the design for the jacket and topside during installation stage with practical case study 1:30hr

Topic 4:Integrity system for offshore structures
Session 4.1: Integrity management system for fleet of platforms 1:30hr

Topic 5 : Lifting Process

Session 5.1 : Lifting Analysis 1:30h

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(Laptop users are encouraged to use external speakers rather than the built-in speakers for better audio quality)
Network Internet connection with 200 kbps minimum speed


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