Separate Project Organization:Case Study

In most project management books presents the pros and cons for different project organization. We need to focus about the separate project or can call it a task force , its main charactristics as this project team will be away from the mother company and the only link with their company is the project manager. So the power of the project and the career satisfaction of the team members depends on the power and influence of the project manager in the mother company.
It is clear that after a time period it will be a good relation and bondbetween the team member and this bond to protect themself against the mother company. In most separate project life is about 2 to 4 years maximum and the objective is clear and finish date is expected.
Our case study about brown field project have been started for over ten years which the relation between the team it is not just a bond it will be a life. So managing of this team is big challenge as the project approach and phelosophy should be change with time.
Transfere new technique , modify the project working process and approach for a new management system with new organization is very complicated as the management of change  depends on a company or organization and you want to  change considering that they are working for 10 years which is aproach an operation culture and not a project culture, so any employee create a stable comfort zone so he will fight strongly for any change .     The project management dealing with a running project and you need to do changes through the project process in the same time any project is variable and depend on changes over every phase due to change for wholeproject strategy.

The challenge here that the employee from owner or contractor and any stakehokder who is working in the same project for 10 years, it needs at least 6 month to change his orientation.On the other hand if you replace him it will cause a delay of the project due to the learning curve.  The main task is to feel the team that it is a new stage of the project and you should have a big statement that what was done is pioneer and what we are going to do is different. So it is important to start with a new organization, orientation to the team about their new role and the new vision and mission. By another meaning, you need to start the new stage as a new project with new procedure, organization, direction to feel the team and the all stakeholder that we are a new team.
On the other hand the brown field project is disaster as it needs an experties rather than the green field and take a lot of investement withouta lhysical gain like the new projects so the mother company in most cases feel it is essential and important but they are not happy of that like a medicine you are not happy to take but is vital and can not refuse.
So you are the project  manager you need some strategy to marketing your project, as the doctor always says  “i save your life by taking this medicine”. The another challenge is to proof to the stakeholder that our project keep you a life.